How to Wear: Sleepwear to Streetwear

Anyone flipping through a fashion magazine or walking through a mall recently may have noticed a strange phenomenon: it seems pajamas have made a sudden leap from the bedroom into everyday streetwear. But these are not the flannel pants and slippers favored by college students wandering to a 7 am class. Instead, they are chic gowns and caftans, soft cropped pants, and silk robes, styled so effortlessly it may take you a second glance to identify them as sleepwear. We went into our studio and had some fun with some of our favorite sleepwear pieces. Keep reading!

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The first (and easiest) way to style pjs for daytime is to start simple. This DKNY gown with white cuffs and trim looks smart and clean, and even professional once you add a pair of simple heels. The sheer panel at the bottom adds a touch of boudoir, giving you the perfect balance of bedroom and boardroom.

Lately, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single celebrity or fashion blogger who hasn’t given the slip dress a try. While we love the slip dress, we know it can be a little intimidating for some. A great compromise? The silk camisole. As versatile as a white tee, pair with everything from jeans to a blazer and pencil skirt.

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Got a vacation coming up? This adorable Tommy Hilfiger romper is perfect for hitting the beach and then heading to a casual dinner. Add a pair of sandals and a bracelet and we bet no one will even know you’re in your PJs!

Another style that’s seen a huge amount of popularity of late is the kimono, or robe. We love a long silk pattern over a pair of jeans to elevate your weekend look, or a shorter, simpler style over a bare dress to add a touch of modesty without sacrificing flair. Natori does this better than anyone, offering a length, fabric, and color fit for any style.

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Perhaps the most intimidating to try (but well worth it) is the pajama pant. Fear not! As long as you keep it simple, this is an easy look to pull off. A basic pair of cropped pj pants from DKNY can be turned into a chic evening look with just a simple heel, a white tee, and the right accessories. For a more casual vibe, pair that same white tee with these blue and white striped wide-leg pants, swap your heels for sandals, and add a long necklace for an effortless summer casual look.

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