Perfect your Prom Look with these Lingerie Tips

Spring is finally here, and as we move closer to April we know there’s one day that girls everywhere are getting more excited for by the minute: Prom. Whether you’re riding in a limo with your date or making it a girls’ night, we all know the most fun part of prom is getting all glammed up in a gorgeous dress. Once you start dancing, however, your dress is the last thing you want to worry about—that’s why what goes under your dress is equally important. Below, we’ve picked several of our favorite prom dress trends from this season and given our suggestions for the best bras, slips, and more to wear under them—so you can focus on having a magical night!


Cutouts: Just like on the red carpet, we’ve been seeing a ton of to-die-for prom dresses with mesh inserts and cutouts. The challenge with these styles is finding a bra that won’t peek out of those sheer panels; we recommend opting for a stick-on option like this Fashion Forms NuBra (perfect for girls with a D or DD cup), or this new one from Magic Bodyfashion.


Mermaid: One classic trend that is making a real statement this year is the mermaid style, which combines a body-con silhouette with a flared hem. While you may think slips are something only your grandmother wears, think again—this cute Triumph bodydress will not only give your dress a smooth base so it glides over your skin, it also eliminates the need for a bra. If you’d rather wear your own bra, try this Spanx half-slip.


Two-piece: Of course, we’d be completely remiss not to talk about the oh-so-trendy two-piece dress. For this dress, bottom is where you need to be careful. Because many of them reveal your midriff, you don’t want your underwear peeking over the top of your skirt! Opt for a low rise thong, like this Commando thong that disappears under completely under everything, or the cult-favorite Hanky Panky Signature Lace in the low rise cut.


Strapless: One classic that never gets old is the simple strapless gown. Some girls might be afraid of pulling having to pull up their strapless bra all night long, but we promise these will stay put all night long. The Wacoal Red Carpet strapless bra has silicone grippers on the inside so it won’t budge throughout a night of dancing. This Freya Deco style has a perfect sweetheart neckline, and goes all the way up to a D7 in the cups.

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