Hormones Make Your Breasts More Symmetrical



Ever wonder why your girls look a little lopsided on some days and not on others? Well you have Mother Nature to blame for that. Science has shown that during days 14 and 16 of your menstruation cycle your boobs will be the most symmetrical due to changing hormone levels in your body.

Researchers tested this theory by looking at the asymmetry of women’s ears, hands, feet and breasts. They used cranio-caudal mammograms of 280 premenopausal women to calculate their breast asymmetry. Thirty-four of the women had used oral contraceptives within the two months prior to the mammogram, which is know to possibly skew results.

The greatest symmetry occurred during the most fertile phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle, while at their least fertile breast asymmetry was noticed to be quite high.

Have you ever experienced lopsided breasts?

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