4 Must-Reads On 24-Karat Gold Lingerie

Rococo Dessous has launched a line of 24-karat gold lingerie. Many in the press are calling it “lingerie for the 1%.” Learn all about it below.

rococo dessous

Lingerie for the 1 Percent
Designed with 24-karat-gold thread, an ultraluxe lingerie line has entered the vast intimate-apparel market to fill a void in the underwear drawers of the elite.

Rococo Dessous launches line of gold lingerie
The luxurious garments are hand-stitched with 24-karat-gold thread and range in price from $1,500 to $6,000.

The 24-Karat Gold Lingerie from Rococo Dessous is Fit for a Queen
The latest lingerie creations from the undergarment design house Rococo Dessous are the pinnacle of luxurious underwear.

Perhaps You Need Some Underpants Made Of Real Gold
Have you always dreamed of lounging in bed in soft, silky clothes made of precious metal? No, you probably haven’t.

[Image source: Rococo Dessous]

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