Build Your Perfect Lingerie Wardrobe – Bra Edition

Lingerie - Bra

Most every gal has her clothing wardrobe built and adapts it for each season or reason. Why not build the lingerie wardrobe to match each sensible, cozy, sporty or sexy outfit choice? We have put together some must haves to keep your underwear drawer ready for any occasion your closet requires.

Everyday Basics
For the day-to-day wardrobe, each gal needs her comfy, sensible, go-to’s for support. But how many is enough, and what kind, might you ask? Depending on the amount of wear, we recommend anywhere from three to six – or about a week’s supply. Keeping your bras clean and airing them out is important as they can get soiled by perspiration, so alternating a day in between wearings is key to keeping them working for you.  The type or style depends largely on your breast size and your comfort level.  Everyday bras come in a variety of styles, whether seamless or seamed, with or without padding, wide or narrow straps. Whatever the style, we recommend a well-fitted bra that keeps you comfortable so it can keep up with you whether you’re working or on the go. Consult our Bra Fitting Center to determine the right fit for you.

For the summer maxi dress or that nighttime little black dress, you will need to have at least one strapless bra to keep you supported underneath so your outfit will shine. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep a couple of colors on hand – nude, black or maybe a fun color to either blend with or  make sure your outfit stand out.  Like their everyday friends, strapless bras come in a variety of styles, fits, textures. Consider a bandeau, one with our without underwire, cotton or lace, padded or unpadded.

If you’re going to be going from day to night, summer to fall or beach to bash, convertible bras are a great addition to your bra repertoire to give you flexibility to change them to best fit your outfit of the moment. These styles can be transformed to fit your neckline such as strapless, halter, racerback or one shoulder without having to buy multiple bras. Add one of these to your lingerie drawer to give you some extra options!

Each girl needs a supply of good, quality sports bras to keep her girls in place when on the move. Even if you’re not into high-intensity workouts, moderate to medium exercise can increase the amount of breast bounce which, over time, can lead to permanent sagging. To stay supported for whatever level of impact or intensity, having the right type of sports bra is essential. They come in a number of styles and support levels to match your routine. Check out our bounce test videos to compare styles to fit your needs.

Whatever the day calls for, having the right bra fit is key, so whichever style you’re considering, visit our Bra Fitting Center to make sure you’re getting what you need.


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