For Whom Do You Wear Your Best Lingerie?

Do you reserve your best lingerie for a special occasion, perhaps only for another set of eyes? Ogling eyes present a tempting reason to slip on those sheer panties and demi bra. Teaming up the little black dress with a racy red bra and thong for a holiday party seems like a reasonable idea. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Do those days just get the usual cotton comfy panties?

I’m one of those girls that keep cotton panties in rotation. I look at the pretty lace panties and special occasion corsets and sigh. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sexy lingerie reason to wear these delicate delights?!  I do have a reason—it’s me!

I recently purchased a beautiful, lacy bra and panties set. The lavender color and sweet lace drew me right in. I hesitated to make the purchase because I’m single and there’s no show and tell on the schedule. Then I thought, “Wait a minute! Why do I have to have an audience to feel beautiful and sexy?!” I don’t. Not one single bit. A special occasion doesn’t even have to be on the horizon to wear our best lingerie.  Today is as good a day as any to wear that lacy set.

Even though I have no appointments for a strip tease, I still shaved my legs today. I shave my legs all winter long in fact—albeit not like the daily summer routine.

I still blow dry my hair, apply makeup, and pull together fairly fashionable attire each day.  So, why would my bra and panties be any different?

Putting on the lace hi-cut panties and demi cup bra makes me feel sexy and quite put together from head to toe. That’s before I even walk out the door.

Dressing for myself, even under my clothes, charges up my confidence. It’s like  dressing for the job you want. Dress for the confidence and relationships you want.

Do you have “special occasion” lingerie that never gets worn?  How often do you  treat yourself to a nice bra and panty set simply for you?

Meghan Barich is a writer, the storyteller at When she’s not crafting the next story, you can find her nose-in-a-book or walking her dog, Moose.

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