How Long Do You Keep Your Bra?

throw away braChances are your most treasured bra has long outlived its intended shelf life. It’s true! I’m guilty of it, too.

The truth is that bras actually do in fact have a shelf life. Sure you can sling it over your shoulders and snap it in the back. But the elastic is no longer doing what it was designed to do—holding everything right where you want it.

Worn correctly, a bra should last about seven to nine months. After that, the elasticity has basically left its best days behind. Another way to preserve your bras is not wear the same bra two days in row—giving the elastic in the bra a chance to relax back to original form.

Ideally, you should keep several bras in rotation. If you fall in love with a bra, why not buy it in another color or even the same color? Then you can rotate with the same comfort and lift all week long. Give one favorite a chance to rest for a day or two and then all your bras become your favorite!

Preserving the elastic qualities of your bra is essential if you want to hold on to a favorite for as long as you can. Hand-washing your bra is always a good idea, as Melissa of Top Drawer recently described.

Personally, I have a seamless bra that I love, love, love for everyday wear. I can wear tighter shirts, and never reveal the edges of the bra. It’s comfortable and the straps stay right wear I want them—my shoulders not my elbows! Truth is, that bra is no longer the bra I fell in love with. It’s changed. Sure it stills stays put on my shoulders, but the elastic in the cup lost its lifting qualities—probably over six months ago. I hold on to bras way too long. But when we know better, we get to do better!

How about you? Do you have any tricks for elongating the life of your favorite bra? Care to share a story of how you finally let go of a bra that passed its shelf life?

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