Lingerie Color Games: Black, Nude, White and Chartreuse

No right, wrong or hard fast lines can really be drawn when it comes to fashion. Our clothing and attire often reflects our personalities—or is an expression, a statement. The same holds true for our lingerie color choices. Looking to some general color suggestions can help each of us execute our fashion statements a little better. Not rules—just suggestions.

At a birthday party of mine a few years back, my girlfriends and I posed for countless photos together (obviously editing for the most Facebook-worthy shots). A general theme emerged from those photos: everyone had on a white bra under a black shirt or sweater. No one noticed this while mingling at the party. But the flash of the cameras revealed the glaring contrast of undergarment and garment. Most of my girlfriends were horrified and a very limited number of photos passed the Facebook-worthy test—all due to the white bra photo bomb.

Here are 4 Tips for Color Coordinating Bras:


Actress Renée Zellweger showcases the white bra photo bomb.

When wearing a white shirt, your bra should match your skin tone as closely as possible. Nude and pale pink bras neutralize fair skin tones, allowing the white shirt to stay white all over. For more dark-skinned tones, a brown or black bra will accomplish the same thing.

A black bra stays undercover for dark and black shirts. When wearing a black shirt, you can be playful with the color of your bra choice. Dark burgundy and purple bras keep under wraps as well.

Adding layers of clothing opens up the full rainbow of bra colors. Here’s where chartreuse and turquois take the stage. Under a tank top or cami, no one will ever know the fun color choice you’ve made—unless, of course, you want him or her to know.

Sheer shirts are just asking for a playful bra color or spicy corset or bustier. This is for the ladies who want to take a little risk with their fashion and see where lingerie becomes a part of the full package.

Bra color choice invites a fun opportunity to jazz up any outfit—when that’s you fashion goal. For the more conservative ladies, we hope these tips will help you keep the bra photo bombs to a minimum. Tell us about your bra color choices? Do you keep it safe or like to reveal a little color?

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