Shapewear Showdown: Slimming Versus Restricting

The holidays proved to be a great learning experience in shapewear for me. I’ve been on a tights and skirt kick this winter season, which really works my little-in-the-middle-got-much-back figure. I actually think it’s a great look for anyone if you can find the proper fit.

I experienced a major snafu that resulted in busted side seams of a skirt.  I wore thick sweater tights under the skirt, which was just too bulky. I felt restricted and stuffed. Eventually I busted straight out the sides of the skirt. Not the look I was going for and of course it all happened in front of a handsome man!

(Flickr: All rights reserved by drollgirl)

After that debacle, I sought shaping tights like the SPANX Tight End Tights. The result? My repaired skirt slid right over my rump and thighs with room to spare. The feelings of restriction disappeared. The shapewear put pep in my step. It was slimming but not cutting off the circulation to my head and heart—and yes that’s a good thing!

Another great shapewear win for the winter season is the SPANK High-Waisted Tight-End Tights. These are perfect for sweater dresses, pencil skirts and any outfit needing overall slimming effects. There’s a sexy feeling being dressed in under garments from top to bottom. The outside looks pulled together, and no one has to know the secret shaper working behind the scenes magic.

If you’re looking for some shape-shifting without the tights, panties can do the same for the mid-section and buttocks. They even come in lace! We’re not talking about your grandma’s restricting girdle, ladies. We’re talking very attractive, slimming panties. A shaper panty offers a seamless and slimming option to wear under skinny jeans and leggings without the bulk of less-fitting panties.

So I shared my embarrassing skirt-busting story of the season. Do you have any wins or fails to share in the shaper showdown?

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