Top Drawer: Keep Vs. Toss

Fears_Melissa Thinking about moving again has made me face my fear of hating to toss things out. While I am far from a hoarder, I do like keeping sentimental tokens. I have gone from an apartment to a house to a studio apartment to a house and back to an apartment again, which means I am always selling and buying things.

But lately I have barely been able to close my lingerie drawer. I’m really good at buying new underwear, (well shopping in general!) but not so much at tossing the old items away.

I have several pairs of these “unmentionables” that don’t fit anymore whether it’s because they have been washed too much or simply due to the fact that I had them in HIGH SCHOOL. Embarrassing, right? Yet, I can’t seem to bring myself to throw them out. WHY!? Oy vey.

I blame my out-of-control collection on moving so frequently. I don’t think of them as space issues, and I always find ways to justify keeping them all past their prime. It’s no longer ok to be wearing the same pairs in my mid-twenties that I wore at 16. A good rule of thumb is to toss any you haven’t worn in six months.

This purge needs to happen. Here are a few I think we should all keep and some we need to toss:


Sexy pair: We all have that pair of really sexy panties that may or may not have any actual fabric. No comment necessary.

Period panties: We all need a few period panties. End of story. Black always works best.

Favorite pair: This is that pair that fits perfectly and makes you instantly feel attractive and confident. Mine are a semi-lacy soft and silky pair that have an amazing fit.

Shaping panties: These we won’t admit to having, but we all do. I have a pair that is the sole reason I can fit into a pair of black skinny pants I own. I searched everywhere for the perfect pair and now that I’ve found them I will not part. Please don’t make me.

Lacy pair: These are perfect for hot dates and yet comfortable enough for everyday. Stretchy is always the best option.

Nude colored:  For obvious reasons, everyone needs a nude colored pair to wear with white anything.

Cotton thongs/briefs:  I love wearing cotton “cheekers” or thongs when I go to the gym. They are less likely to bother me mid-workout.

One with a memory:  These are only allowed because of a personal attachment I feel for them. I have one pair that has a stupid cartoon vampire on them which reminds me of one of my favorite show’s True Blood. I also own a pair of Indianapolis Colts underwear and I do wear them during every Colts game for good luck!

Granny panties: We never voluntarily wear them, but we keep them in the back of our underwear drawer in case all of our cute, lacy ones catch on fire or we forget to do laundry that week. We all deserve one pair. Just don’t EVER be caught dead in them.

Toss Out:

Stretched out: Toss any pairs with elastic that is ruined or if the cotton is stretched.

Stains: This doesn’t require an explanation. Gross.

Doesn’t fit: Saw a good sale and couldn’t resist, but they never did fit? We have all been there. Tag is still on? Donate. If not, toss.

Bad memory panties: You know what I mean. I have pairs I know I wore on a certain date or I had a boyfriend buy me and now they have bad memories. Just ditch them.

High school panties: If you still own underwear from high school and you aren’t in high school anymore, then it’s time to let it go.

Joke panties: These are just wasting space in the drawer. Crotchless panties your friend bought you as a gag gift? Toss, unless you are feeling frisky.

Uncomfortable: Have a pair that always rides up? Or the lace is itchy? Why keep them if you won’t wear them? Eliminate clutter.

Melissa is a twenty-something full-time freelance writer with a penchant for traveling and design. Lace and bold colors always catch her eye in fashion. Plus she always loves a good deal!

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