Top Drawer: The Essentials For Running In Winter

Fears_Melissa I’ll never forget the time my ex suggested I try going outside for a run in winter because I had been stressed all week.

I laced up my sneakers, threw on my normal gear and headed out to run around the neighborhood and came home more upset than ever. Why? Because it was freezing and I wore cotton yoga pants and regular cotton socks. My skin felt like it was on fire and my feet were frozen and sweaty at the same time. Not a fun combination!

The only running I had ever done before this was on a treadmill and in high school gym class. While I am not an avid runner, outdoor winter running has seriously changed the way I view running as a whole.

Until this point my workout wardrobe consisted of only cotton items, partially because I am VERY picky when it comes to fabrics. I feel my hands and feet sweat way more than normal and I typically hate the feeling of synthetic materials.

Of course, because I was being a brat that week, I blamed my ex for sending me out in the stupid weather, which needless to say didn’t go over well.

I decided once I was done being mad to figure out the real culprit- not owning the proper wardrobe for winter running. The most challenging parts of fixing this problem were figuring out what to wear and how to not spend too much hard-earned cash.

Here are a few essentials I would recommend for winter running with some advice from a few of the HerRoom athletic brands. We all know money is tight this time of year after purchasing all those holiday gifts so I have tried to find items for all budgets.

1) Long-Sleeve Shirt:

This one was hard for me to get used to because I hate running or working out in sleeves, but it’s essential in cold temps. Invest in a lightweight form-fitting top that is also sweat and moisture-resistant. Zippered ones are great because they cover part of your neck and if you get warm you can un-zip it.  Turtleneck options may not be fashionable, but they will keep a girl warm! Under Armour has a good option. Don’t like the turtleneck feel? Try this basic.

2) Running Jacket:

Look for one that can help block the wind on those extra brisk days. The fit should be loose enough to wear more than one layer underneath for frigid days, but also snug  enough to keep you warm. Champion has a great zip-up option.

3) Thermal Tights/Leggings:

Hopefully your current workout pants keep you warm until freezing temps, but thermal leggings are great to add to your running wardrobe for below freezing days. Watch for any itchiness when trying them on and skip if you do notice it.  Typically the more expensive brands are better. Under Armour has a Coldgear Infared EVO CG Legging that offers amazing cold weather protection.  It’s a little pricey at $54, but I promise it’s worth it! Under Amour reps say, “ColdGear InfraRed is our latest and greatest technology that circulates your own body heat to keep you warmer for longer.”

4) A Hat:

Even if you don’t like wearing hats on a normal basis like me, sometimes it’s needed when going on long runs in the cold. It keeps your head warm, which is essential for keeping the rest of your body at a suitable temp.

5) Gloves:

Options that have a wind-blocking factor are best, but if you are a warm-blooded individual like me, a normal pair may be fine.

6) Socks:

Remember thermal is always better! While I should probably own stock in a cotton company for my insane love of it, it’s not a good option for running socks since moisture is one of the biggest causes of blisters.  Try wool or acrylic.

Melissa is a twenty-something full-time freelance writer with a penchant for traveling and design. Lace and bold colors always catch her eye in fashion. Plus she always loves a good deal!



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