HerRoom Weekly Blog Roundup

Here is what you may have missed this week on the HerRoom blog:


Brand Spotlight: Goddess
The leading brand for full figured lingerie continues to provide women with curves the highest quality bras. Goddess bras are especially designed for the full busted woman who needs support and craves a little luxury too.

Barely 40: Only For Special Occasions?
When you’ve been in a long-term relationship, whether it be a marriage or partnership, it’s easy to fall in a rut with each other. I’ve been married to my husband for (x) years and I can’t think of the last time I blew his mind away with something sexy, like a teddy or garter belt.

Anatomy Of A Bra: Hooks
For optimal wear, your bra’s back closure hooks should fit snug on the first (closest to the end) set of loops. As you bra gets warn and natural stretch takes place over time, you will then be able to tighten your bra by hooking on the other sets of loops.

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Too Tight, Too Loose or Just Right
Women spend the most time in the morning picking out their outfits. Do we dress for comfort? Function? Or fashion? Of course our job’s dress code comes into play.

Classify Your Breasts: Semi-Full Upper Breasts
The upper breast has less fullness, but there is still some fullness. Generally, as a woman ages, she goes from full to semi-full upper breasts. Semi-full breasts will not have quite as much breast fullness when wearing a strapless bra as a woman with full upper breasts.

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