HerRoom Weekly Blog Roundup

Here is what you may have missed this week on the HerRoom blog:


Brand Spotlight: Hanky Panky
Don’t just wear any old thong, go with the brand that started it all and invented the panty style worn by women all over the world: Hanky Panky. Thongs by Hanky Panky deliver true original style with the brand’s signature lace that stretches to fit and hug your curves to perfection.

Barely 40: Is Lighting Everything?
So ladies, what’s the verdict? When it’s “go time” do you keep the lights on or off? I’m indifferent in this department. The only time it seems to matter is when I’m getting out of bed (with the lights off) and stub my damn toe.

Anatomy Of A Bra: Sides/Back (Wings)
The sides and back of your bra can play a major role in giving you support and can be instrumental in creating or preventing flesh bulges.

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Some Things Shouldn’t Show Up For The Party
I was almost one of “those women” this past weekend. I’m talking one of those women who feels she can hand out fashion advice to those unfortunate souls that commit a fashion faux pas.

Classify Your Breasts: Full Upper Breast
The volume of breast tissue in the upper half of your breasts is what determines how much fullness you will have at your neckline. This fullness is called “mounding.” When you see a woman in a corset with her breasts pushed up and almost spilling over, this is full mounding.

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