What Your Sleepwear Says About You

Jacqueline Wells

It’s the end of a long day, and whether you’re a pencil-skirt-and-heels type of gal or you live in your jeans and sneakers, you’re ready to slip into something more comfortable. While your carefully planned daytime ensemble says a lot about who you are and how you’re perceived, what about those more spontaneous pieces you throw on in the comfort of your home?

In this intimate space, away from the social pressures of the outside world, your wardrobe choices may reveal more about who you are and what you value. So what does your sleepwear say about you?

what your sleepwear says about you
Dreamgirl Chiffon Babydoll With Metallic Embroidery 10011


Va-va-va-voom! You’re confident, glamorous, and you may even dab on a little Chanel No. 5 à la Marilyn Monroe before drifting off to dreamland. You know that luxury and comfort go hand in hand, and your sleepwear shows it. With a penchant for beautiful things, you don’t feel like you need to reserve your prettiest items for special occasions—you enjoy dressing for you, and that’s occasion enough to slip on something silky.

what your sleepwear says about you
DKNY Urban Essentials Short Sleeve Sleepshirt Y497595


You’re a practical gal with an enviably organized closet and streamlined priorities. You enjoy feeling a little bit feminine, skipping the boxers and T-shirt duo, while staying in your comfort zone—it allows you to roam around the house without feeling too exposed. Simple, elegant and ultra-comfy, your idea of relaxation is a mug of hot tea and some light reading (or Netflix).

what your sleepwear says about you
N by Natori Sleepwear Tapestry Printed Charmeuse Pajama Set ZC6004

Pajama Set

You’re a planner, and the rest of the world has no idea how you do it all. Whether it’s with your little black book or your iPhone, you’ve kept track of endless tasks and responsibilities, and now it’s time for some well-deserved R&R. A pajama set keeps you feeling presentable and put-together, and it simplifies your complicated days to make way for restful evenings.

what your sleepwear says about you
Shadowline Beloved Sleeveless Short Gown 34275


You’re the ultimate romantic, and a simple nightgown with a little lace trim is just what you need to switch gears from busy days to relaxing evenings. You’re the kind of girl who wishes she lived a Jane Austen novel, and your feminine, traditional style evokes a bygone era of gentility and elegance—even in bed.

what your sleepwear says about you
Tommy Hilfiger Basic Pant RH61S049

Mismatched Separates

Your idea of comfort is your boyfriend’s old T-shirt that’s been through the wash enough times to achieve that perfect fade, thrown on with a pair of boxers you’ve had since high school. Your ultra-cool, effortless style means that everything you throw together inspires a wave of copycats. As a creative trendsetter, you stand apart from the crowd—and they adore you for it.

Whether you have a closet full of classic pajama sets or you feel most at home in a little lacy number, your style speaks volumes about your unique character. Embrace it!