5 Must-Reads On Choosing Your Best Swimwear


Let’s face it ladies, we make a lot of decisions everyday. One of the most crucial decisions that makes us the most panicky is the bathing suit. We’ve found some great tips in these articles and had to share!


How To Choose The Perfect Swimsuit


Sears Canada’s Apparel Trend Manager, Sarah Chrystman, offers advice on how to choose a bathing suit – one piece or two – that looks great, feels comfortable and enhances your best features while minimizing those trouble areas – waist, hips, tummy and bust.


Buying The Perfect Bathing Suit Style For Every Body


Every body is unique and different and even your own body changes from year to year as your habits and lifestyle do, so avoid slipping yourself into a category or a pre-packaged idea of how you should look. Instead, focus on what you like about your body and emphasize those features.


How To Buy The Perfect Bathing Suit


While nothing can replace the dressing room for ensuring a great fit, a few simple tips can help you narrow down a bathing suit style that is right for you. Try to find a bathing suit that works, rather than against, your natural body type.


It’s Not You, It’s The Swimsuit!


Every year, billions of dollars are spent on swimwear alone, but the majority of people who buy them leave unsatisfied. Why? Not all swimsuits are made alike, nor do they fit every body!


Sense Of Fashion: Time To Pick The Perfect Swimsuit


We all want to look fabulous stepping into that sand or out along the glistening poolside. But when it comes to selecting that suit, we are faced with two very unfashionable options.

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