Our 2016 Summer Lingerie and Swimwear Style Obsessions

We’ve spent the spring incubating in our fashion obsessions. Vintage inspired and soft lace daydreams fuel our morning routine. Subtle details you’re sure to have seen permeating your favorite brands look book are no longer in the peripheral. We can’t stop thinking about these soon to be iconic styles and we simply will not keep it to ourselves.


Wacoal Halo Lace Soft Cup Bra 811205


Angelic touches of lace and design. Lift yourself higher with soft and delicate lace design. We’re pairing it with t-shirts, jackets, gowns, and more. Who can(should) stop a woman obsessed?


Freya Bondi Underwire Sweetheart Bikini Swim Top AS3962


Subtlety in inspiration. With a sweetheart style, the vintage inspired Freya design throws reference to another time, yet has two straps firmly in the now. We don’t have time for costumes.


L Space Moroccan Dreams Jamie Swim Top MDJAT16


If the devil is in the details, we’ll see you in… You’ve seen the prevalence of strappy details season after season. This is the big year we’ve been waiting for. Everything intricate.


L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Mariona Non Pad Open Bra L085-16


A new kind of basic. Stripped down and strapped up. If our predilection for the details wasn’t obvious, let us tell you know. We’re obsessed.

Join us in obsession. The greater the style infatuation, the greater the power of the garment.

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