Bare Essentials Of Lingerie: Panties

Bare Essentials Of Lingerie: Panties
If your panties don’t fit right, you’re uncomfortable all day. So, invest in well-made panties! You should have a one to two week supply of everyday panties in your bare essentials wardrobe. You can wear whatever style of panty you prefer.

The bikini style of panty is one of the most popular. This style of panty has a waistband that rests below the navel and provides moderate rear coverage.

Most bikini panties feature mid-rise styling (a 5-inch rise or higher), but some are low-rise (lower than a 5-inch inseam).

The boyshort is quickly replacing the thong as the emerging panty silhouette. A boyshort is similar in appearance to men’s underwear, with wide sides that usually cover the top portion of the thighs.

Traditionally, boy shorts provide full rear coverage; however, the newer “cheeky” boy short may provide moderate to minimal rear coverage since part of the buttocks is exposed.

Of course, you’ve heard about the thong. Much-loved by the menfolk, a thong only has a thin piece of fabric that slides between the cheeks of your derriere, exposing the rear.

The advantage of the thong is minimal panty lines. The disadvantage is many women say they are not as comfortable as a brief, bikini or boyshort.

You may also want to have a few briefs in your bare essentials lingerie drawer. Briefs are sometimes referred to as “granny panties” because they’re considered “un-cool” if you’re under age 60.

Actually, women of all ages wear brief panties because they are very comfortable. The fit tends to be roomier, allowing you more room to breathe. And since briefs usually provide full rear coverage, they won’t ride up in the back.


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