Bare Essentials Of Lingerie: Shapewear

Bare Essentials Of Lingerie: Shapewear
If you’ve ever worn a clingy top or special occasion dress, you know how important shapewear is. Many of today’s party dresses are made with a fairly high percentage of spandex for a slinky, stretchy fit. This presents a challenge to even the thinnest among us.

When you want to eliminate thigh bulges, hide cellulite and whittle your waist, shapewear can come to the rescue.

One of the bare essentials of shapewear is the control brief, which is a brief with a built-in tummy panel that slims your midriff. A control brief is a great solution when your jeans feel a little tight.

If you want to smooth your body from your bust to your thighs, a high-waisted biker short shaper is the answer. Instead of a waistband that cuts into your stomach, this garment features a waistband that extends to just under your bust.

The high-waisted biker short slims you from your torso to your thighs, providing the perfect foundation for a clingy dress that hugs your curves!

Another important shapewear piece is the shaping camisole. This clever garment is designed to look like a typical camisole while secretly shaping and slimming your tummy and back. The shaper camisole is the perfect layering piece.

Looking for a more natural look in the rear area? Try a thong shaper. This shapewear slims your tummy and waist while leaving your buttocks exposed.



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