Goodbye Photoshop! Lingerie Companies Showcase Real Women

I was going through my mail over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised to see coupons for the clothing company American Eagle. As I shop there frequently, I opened it up and saw they are running a new campaign to promote “more realistic standards for their teen and preteen customers.”

At first I was skeptical, many places have done this promotion before but not so much with underwear. Besides “plus-size” lingerie, typically most retailers use size 0 models to promote their brand.


American Eagle and their women’s lingerie line, Aerie, have both said no to using any Photoshop moving forward. The models for the Aerie Real campaign are showing it all off, including their “slight imperfections” like freckles and dimples, which are normally edited out.

This change in their airbrushing policy has not only garnered them some positive press, but hopefully it will help change the industry as a whole. With so many women now doing their shopping online, I’d rather see a woman like me modeling the clothes instead of a stick thin model.

Another brand making headlines is Forever Yours Lingerie. In their most recent advertising campaign, the company featured plus-size model and ovarian cancer survivor Elly Mayday, who is only 25 years old, in her most natural form- bald.

And we can’t forget Dove. Since 2004, the company has been making it their mission to promote real beauty. In their most recent campaign, Dove showed efforts are underway to change the way women are viewed on television or in magazines.

Now let’s hope other brands will catch on! What do you think of these campaigns? 

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