How To Avoid A Nip Slip And Other Boob Mishaps


In a world full of nip slips and boob mishaps, it’s hard not to fall victim…or is it?

Several of these common breast mishaps are easily avoidable if you take precaution in wearing the right undergarment for each outfit.

Cleavage always tries to steal the show at parties, and not always in a good way! Boobs spill out over expensive dresses ruining the sophisticated look it was intended to have. Many times it is the same key piece missing from almost everyone’s evening wardrobe: a bra.

Slip & Slide:

We have all been there ladies, tugging and pulling all night long on our stupid strapless bra that won’t stay up. Have you ever thought it may not be the right size? Many times the band is too loose, which causes it to slip. Also, many women may be relying a bit too much on bra adhesives and glue. These guys aren’t meant to lift breasts — they simply ensure an outfit won’t slip past the nipple. I suggest wearing both nipple covers AND a strapless bra to ensure even if the bra does slip, you will be covered. It will give you lift and shape your outfit.


There are ways to prevent this terrible mishap. Start by making sure the cup size is the right size. A too small cup will lead to bulges, spilling and of course popping out. A cup size that is too big will lead to gaping and a lack of support. Most wardrobe malfunctions can be avoided with a good bra fitting.


Is it cold in here or is it just me? Many women get embarrassed by this natural reaction to cold temperatures, but it’s such an easy fix. Solve it by wearing a thicker bra or buy nipple pasties to use with thin or sheer bras.

Riding Up:

When your bra rides up your back, it’s often because the back size of your bra is too big. Try a tighter hook so that your bra fits more snugly or lengthen the shoulder straps. If this is a no-go, go down a band size so that the strap fits tighter and more comfortably.

Strap Off:

If your bras straps are always falling try tightening the straps or use a bra with wider straps. If that doesn’t work, your breasts might not be filling out the cups, so try going down a cup size. Look for styles where the straps are located in the middle of the cup, and not at the edges. You could try a racer-back style as well.

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