Top Drawer: The Lingerie You Need For Holiday Parties

Jacqueline Wells

Fears_MelissaNow that it is December, we are officially in holiday party season which means bringing out your party dresses! However this also means finding the perfect undergarments so nothing distracts from your perfect outfit. I know I don’t want my curves spilling out in the wrong places ruining the look of my new dress. Check out this list of staples, and I promise you will go to your next party looking like a million bucks.

Shapewear: To define your curves, get rid of any muffin top, and to give an extra layer beneath your clothes, I recommend this supportive shaping slip from Donna Karan. It offers adjustable straps and you don’t have to worry when sitting down about having the dreaded bulge hanging out of your dress.

Convertible bra: A convertible bra is a must in every woman’s wardrobe, but many options only allow a few strap positions. I personally want one bra that I know can handle it all. After all I am super indecisive and never know what I will wear until the hour before. This Jezebel bra gives you seven different options: classic, crossed, racerback, front, strapless, halter and strapless.

Seamless underwear: Tight dresses and skirts are popular but no one wants visible panty lines. Barely There offers flex fit panties for a steal. They are high-cut, low-rise and even tagless!

Tights: Every party dress needs a perfect pair of tights to go with it for those cold nights so why not branch out and try a pattern? Polka dot tights by Hue add a cute touch to an ordinary solid color dress.

Slip: A dress can look ill-fitting if the proper underwear isn’t worn underneath, so smooth things over with a slip. DKNY offers a fusion half slip that has a stretch waist, compression fabric to keep things tight and moisture wick fabric.

Melissa is a twenty-something full-time freelance writer with a penchant for traveling and design. Lace and bold colors always catch her eye in fashion. Plus she always love a good deal!