Top Drawer: Bra Longevity And Care


Bras are always one of those things women never want to wash simply because they forget to do so. If it’s not in my normal laundry load, chances are I am forgetting about it.

But as it turns out, this is just as important as washing your towels or jeans.

Many of you are sitting there wondering when was the last time you washed the bra you are wearing right now.

Bras rub against your underarms where sweat can build up meaning it is important to keep them clean if you want them to last. I know I don’t spend $80-plus on a great bra for it to be ruined within a few months.

How often you should wash them: After 2 to 4 wears on average.

What to know: It is recommended to wait 24-hours between wears for the elastic to recover, so try a rotation system: Line them up in a drawer. In the morning, take a bra from the front, then send it to the back of the line in the p.m.

Exception to the rule: Sweat a lot? Then wash bras daily with a gentle baby detergent like Woolite. Sports bras should be washed after each use and treated like any other bra.

How to make them last:  If you want your bra to last and keep it looking good, how you care for it is very important. Washing machines and dryers can mean the death sentence for your pretty lacy undergarments. Wires can get bent and the smooth surfaces of bras can get messed up. Many detergents are too harsh for fine fabrics like lace and silk. Also the heat can break down the fabric fibers and shorten their life. Hand washing is always the best option.

Using the right products: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Before you wash, always check for color fastness.  Many dark garments release some dye the first few times they’re washed so be careful the other garments you wash them with are not tinted.

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