Top Drawer: Famous Pop Culture Bra Moments

Fears_Melissa When you think of iconic clothing you envision Jennifer Lopez’s infamous, barely-there Versace gown, Marilyn Monroe’s white dress, Carrie Bradshaw’s tutu or really any of Lady Gaga’s outfit choices. But do you have any iconic bras that cross your mind?

Pretty much anything pop star Britney Spears wore in the 90’s made the teeny bop magazines, but nothing quite shocked the public like her get-ups in her first music video “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” This was every guy’s school girl fantasy come to life, and it set the bar high for any future pop stars trying to make it in the music business. Nearly every single outfit had a different bra. The one I remember being obsessed with was her hot pink sports bra in her “athletic look.”

Holy cleavage! I didn’t even know Julia Roberts had big boobs until I watched “Erin Brockovich” and to be honest I stared for a good long while. It’s impressive what a good push-up bra can do and it really made her character.

Katy Perry stunned the masses by wearing a whipped cream bra in her “California Gurls” video and I really wish I had the money to buy one.

Any million dollar-plus diamond bra by Victoria’s Secret is going to be famous, especially when you have supermodels like Heidi Klum wearing it. The most recent Fantasy Bra worn by Candice Swanepoel was worth a whopping $10 million!

I may not have been around for these, but these bras are just as iconic:

The cone bra Madonna wore during her “Blonde Ambition Tour” has been around since the 1940s, however the Queen of Pop was definitely the first to make headlines with it.

Who can forget Princess Leia’s slave girl costume? It has been replicated thousands of times in every costume shop across the world, and its metallic sheen and matching loincloth have been embedded into the minds of teenage boys everywhere.

The push-up Wonderbra invented in 1960 was advertised to “lift and separate.” It has since led the way for hundreds of lingerie brands to create their own push-up version. Flat-chested women from across the world thank you Wonderbra!

 What are your favorite bras in history? 

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