Top Drawer: Affordable Vintage Lingerie

Fears_Melissa Thanks to shows like “Boardwalk Empire” and “Mad Men”, vintage-inspired lingerie has gained some serious popularity in recent years. I find myself in awe when I see the craftsmanship of the costumes on these shows. I LOVE LOVE the way they look, and it just comes off so elegant and timelessly beautiful and is still sexy at the same time. While “vintage” can run the gamut, I am speaking mostly of the 1920s-1950s.

Hollywood and lingerie go together like birthdays and cake. It is hard to imagine one without the other as lingerie has inspired countless romantic movie scenes.

As vintage lingerie lover, Dita Von Teese, once said in an interview with Vogue UK, “I like to surround myself with luxury and beauty all the time. I’ve been collecting vintage lingerie for 25 years – my collection is pretty huge now. I’ve always been fascinated by it, I used to sift through my mother’s underwear drawer when I was young. I loved the idea of something that was feminine and functional.”

In today’s world there is no reason we can’t have the vintage-inspired look without the expensive price tag of an actual retro piece. Here are a few essentials if you want to switch up your under-the-clothes style and start a lifelong vintage lingerie love affair:

panache-pana01-5675-gsz A lacy bra: Choose a style with cups and very little to no padding

High-waisted underwear:  Accentuates hourglass curves cosabella-cos001-nev0361-gsz

Stockings/Tights: Perfect for being sexy & not showing off too much skin  shirley-of-hollywood-shir01-90026-gvz

jones-new-york-jny001-620538-gvz A slip: Adds a sexy layer underneath dresses

A camisole: Can be worn alone or under tops


rage cincher A girdle/waist cincher: A retro classic


Melissa is a twenty-something full-time freelance writer with a penchant for traveling and design. Lace and bold colors always catch her eye in fashion. Plus she always loves a good deal!

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