Classify Your Breasts: Touching Breasts

Jacqueline Wells


Touching breast separation (also known as “kissing breasts”) is where your two breasts are touching or almost touching when you are standing sans a bra. If your breast are such, you have probably figured out that a bra’s center panel (also called the center gore and center bridge) will have fit issues and probably not rest against your sternum. And the underwires of a traditional underwire bra will probably tilt outward and away from your body at your sternum because again, there is no space available for them to rest against your sternum.

Bra Suggestions For Women With Touching Breasts

  • Be very aware of the center design of your bra – the optimal center panel for you will be low cut or almost nothing.
  • Underwire bras where the underwires barely come up and into your center chest/sternum area – if at all – will fit you best.
  • IF you are larger than a DD cup size, bras with seams in the cups will give you your best shaping and support.
  • Look for plunge bras if you want to show off your kissing cleavage. These bra styles tend to have very low center panels – if any.
  • Bras without wires (called “soft cup” bras) will be a comfortable choice, but the center panel will probably not rest on your sternum. Soft cup bras larger than a D cup also have a tendency to compromise your shape and support.
  • A halter style bra can be a good choice because the design tends to push breasts together towards the center anyway.
  • Avoid bras with a significant center panel between the cups. This panel will not rest against your sternum.

Tomima Edmark is a lingerie expert and the CEO and founder of HerRoom