Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Stuck On You

confessions of a curvy girl
I should title this one “Stick on Bras are Not for Big Girls” but I won’t (that sounds humiliating), however, that is the topic of this particular post. I recently stumbled across an article about how women who are not willing to go bra-less are turning to adhesive bras for support while wearing backless dresses.

Let’s take a moment to absorb this, shall we? Women are so worried about how their breasts can stay supported while wearing backless dresses that the first thing they came up with was to wear a peel and stick bra? I cannot imagine this is comfortable, much less affordable. What about women who are larger than an A cup who choose to wear a backless dress?

Take it one step further—what about a woman who has a nice back she wants to show off who is a C or D cup? Can you just imagine holding your arms close to your breasts in fear that your adhesive bra might flip off and hit someone boomerang style? I might be the only one who has that fear, but in all seriousness, would YOU ever buy a strapless, backless, adhesive bra? I actually want to hear from you if you have. How did it go? Was it comfortable? Can you wear them more than once?

The only instance I can think of where you will see me with adhesive tape on my breasts might be at the Academy Awards. You spend that kind of money on a dress, and everyone is watching—you better believe I will be using tape. Spanx, duct tape, whatever it takes.

In the meantime, I’ll stick with this strapless bra from

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