Get More Out of Your Wardrobe With These Bras

Jacqueline Wells

   With all the talk about Bitcoin these days, we thought it necessary to offer a little advice: invest in your wardrobe staples. This time of year there are holiday parties left and right, with New Years Eve at the top of the “perfect holiday party outfit” list. We want you to have the time of your life, while wearing your best bra at any event. Keep reading below for a list of lingerie staples guaranteed to make your wardrobe stock soar!

Wardrobe Investment Tip #1: The Backless Beauty

    Your outfit is backless and you absolutely need something to help the girls stay in one place — going braless is not an option. We recommend adding an adhesive bra to your lingerie staples portfolio. The Fashion Forms Lace Ultimate Boost Backless Strapless Bra, featured above, is a HerRoom favorite. Featuring contoured underwire cups, padding along the bottom and sides for lift and 100% clear surgical adhesive – this backless beauty will help keep the girls in one place for up to 25 soirees. If you’re wondering how to wear the bra properly, we’ve got your back! First peel off the plastic sides, place the cups against your breasts, pull back slightly on the flaps and stick them to your sides. Be sure to scoop your breast tissue forward in the bra to ensure a comfortable fit and adjust your adhesive flaps if necessary. Here at we have over 50 different options for backless bras (including longline backless bras), in band sizes 28 to 44 and cup sizes up to H(D5). To browse our options for backless bras with and without adhesive, click here.
Wardrobe Investment Tip #2: The Shoulder Freeing Strapless
    For the full-busted women of the world, strapless bras can be less than desirable. We all know the myth – “strapless bras aren’t made for every busty woman”, an age-old saying, leaving shoulder bearing wardrobe loving women everywhere hopeless. We’re here to bust this myth today ladies, because HerRoom stocks several bras that can accommodate band sizes 28 to 50 and cups up to L(D10). A few of our full bust favorites are the Wacoal Red Carpet Full-Busted Strapless Bra, available in band sizes 30 – 42 and cup sizes D – H(D5), the Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra, available in band sizes 28 – 40 and cup sizes D – J(D10) and the Freya Deco Underwire Strapless Molded Bra, available in band sizes 28 – 38 and cup sizes D – GG, (D7). Some important features you should look for when choosing a strapless bra are:
  • side boning
  • gripper tape 
  • removable push up padding
    The best strapless bras have longer u-shaped underwire to hug and support your breasts and help alleviate any annoying slippage.

Wardrobe Investment Tip #3: The Lovely Longline

  The ultimate strapless bras are called longline. We say that because they will always stay up. Thanks to the construction and support of a longline bra, women larger than a D cup size can always feel confident and supported while going strapless. Identifying which event you should pair each type of longline bra with is easy. For events in which you know you’ll be sitting for most of the night we say go with a longline bra that stops right above the natural waist to ensure all night comfort. The full torso longline bras are best for your more formal events, where standing will be your prime position. If you have a specific dress you’re trying to hunt down a bra for, with a special silhouette, you can use our special tools on each bra to see how far the cups will come up and how each bra will look under different tops to guarantee nothing but your beautiful dress or top is showing.

Wardrobe Investment Tip #4:  The Coy Convertible

   Owning a convertible bra is like having several bras in one. Think of a convertible bra as the mutual fund of your wardrobe portfolio: you get a little bit of everything. The straps are detachable and can cross in the back, loop around your neck or just come off completely. These bras are perfect for wearing uniquely cut dresses or tops. We all have that one dress we avoid because it has a weird, yet beautiful neckline that just can’t seem to hide your bra. If you’re traveling this holiday season we recommend packing just one of these beauties to slay all your holiday looks, plus you’ll save room in your suit case for toting home goodies. Two of our favorites are the Elila Molded Strapless Bra, available in band sizes 34 – 46, cup sizes D – I(D6) and the above Marie Jo Tom Strapless Bra, available in band sizes 32 – 38, cup sizes A – E(D2). To see more convertible bras and increase your wardrobe stock tenfold click here.

Wardrobe Investment Tip #5: The Party Ready Plunge

   Plunging necklines can be a task to wear confidently. Every woman wants to be supported, perky and covered all at once. This is easily done with the right plunge bra.  These bras have very deep necklines, in comparison to your everyday t-shirt bra; they also come in many shapes and sizes for every woman’s body. If you wear a smaller cup size you might appreciate a little padding, while larger busted women will enjoy multi-part cups for additional support. Bottom line, these bras allow you to flaunt your curves with confidence, which assures a plunge bra to be a sound investment. The above bra is the Wacoal Amazing Assets Contour Underwire Bra, available in band sizes 32 – 38, cup sizes B – DDD(D2), if you need a larger band and cup size the Sculptresse by Panache Sasha Molded Plunge Underwire Bra, available in band sizes 34 – 46, cup sizes D – GG(D7) is perfect. To shop our plunge selection click here.

Wardrobe Investment Tip #6: The Smoothing Wonder

 We saved the best for last, meet the ultimate side bulge buster! Side smoothing bras are amazing for pairing with shapewear to rock that super tight bodycon dress. Featured above, the Wacoal Ultimate Side Smoother Contour Bra, available in band sizes 30 – 42, cup sizes C – G(D4), has a seamless underwire with tall innovative crisscross sides at the underarm for a completely smooth look under your tight clothing. This bra also comes in a wire-free option as well if you are not an underwire fan. Several strapless bras offer the side-smoothing technology as a feature as well. To identify those bras, look at the sides; if they look taller than normal, it’s safe to say they offer additional support as well as a smoothing feature. Important note: if your band feels too tight and is creeping up your back in a normal everyday bra, it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size, for more information on bra sizing click here.

There you have it – we’ve spilled all the secrets on how to invest in your wardrobe wisely. As the fit experts we want to hear from you, which bra do you find the most valuable for your wardrobe? To watch Tomima’s companion video for all things formal click below:



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