HerRoom Weekly Blog Roundup

Jacqueline Wells

Here is what you may have missed this week on the HerRoom blog:


Brand Spotlight: Chantelle Paris
Since 1876, Chantelle has been dedicated to manufacturing comfortable, high quality and elegant intimate apparel. Chantelle’s goal has always been to help women look and feel beautiful.

Barely 40: Chatting Bras And Panties With My Stepdaughter
I was chatting with my 22 year old stepdaughter last night about the posts I’m writing, and it got me thinking about the first time I met her. She was a mousey, awkward, geeky 15-year-old girl: the polar opposite of me, but with potential.

Anatomy Of A Bra: Center Panel (Bridge)
Plunge style bras have become very popular in the last few years. This style allows you to wear a low neckline without your bra showing. But, you need to be careful with these styles. The center panel many times is simply a small piece of tape, or there isn’t really a center panel at all.

Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Hand Wash, Drip Dry
No matter when or where you grew up, we all had that grandmother who hung her undergarments out to dry. My grandmother was one to do so.

Classify Your Breasts: Wide-Set/Splayed Breasts
Wide-set/splayed breasts are a combination where your breasts are both wide-set and splayed – there are 3 or more finger-widths between your breasts, and the breasts splay outwards creating a wide triangle-shape between the breasts.