Confessions Of A Curvy Girl: Invasion Of The Panty Snatcher

confessions of a curvy girl
Gotcha, didn’t I? That title is a little something I like to call “click bait.” I bait you with an interesting title and you click. See, it works like a charm. It was way better than this title: “I was gone for two weeks this summer and my husband threw out all of my old underwear while I was gone.” No, that is too long. And also weird.

But, it is true. I was gone almost all of two consecutive weeks this summer on farm tours and client work. It was wonderful. I learned a lot and met some great people. I also ate a lot of fantastic food. Travel means my family is back at home and I will admit that always makes me a bit nervous. I just know it is kind of a free for all when I am not there to hold down the fort. Trust me, the nightly chats with my sons confirm that. That’s when they tell on each other, and their dad, for “breaking all of the house rules” and such. It’s fun. Definitely the highlight of my travels. (Sarcasm)

Anyhow, one thing my husband does, without fail, is choose when I am gone to get rid of something I have been holding on to. A pile of magazines, stacks of unread mail, pantry items we are never going to use—and my granny panties. Yes, I said granny panties. I have them and I know you all do too.

Granny panties, as my husband calls them, are the ones you save for when you are feeling bloated, uncomfortable in your usual pairs or you flat out want something comfortable to sleep in. Mine range in size, age and design but the recurrent theme is ugly. I’ll admit it—I sometimes do not practice what I preach about cleaning out old clothes and underwear. I have some I have been hanging on to for years. Some pre-date my kids and don’t even fit!

This has always been a source of joke material for my husband to use against me and when I bust out the granny panties he knows I am ready for bed—to sleep.

So, he took advantage of the time I was gone to take funny pictures of my collection in the trash with funny notes that were ransom-like. It was funny at the time, but now I admit I miss them a bit. What I have realized is that I don’t miss them per se, I miss their comfort.

All of this just means that I can now buy a few new replacement pieces! Have you seen the selection of boy shorts at HerRoom lately? So cute and comfy!


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