Magic Panty Ride: Knock Out Panties

Jacqueline Wells

Knock Out panties
Problem-solving panties have gathered rave reviews from our HerRoom customers. Magic panties, ladies — magic! Knock Out panties combat an issue that nearly all women face but are too embarrassed to discuss: odor and moisture in panties. HerRoom founder, Tomima, wrote about Knock Out panties a couple of years back and introduced them to our HerRoom community.

The patented fabric of these magic panties was originally designed for outdoorsmen to conceal their scent while tracking animals and hunting, according to The Washington Post. However, Knock Out founder, Angela Newman, discovered the neglected patent and seized an opportunity to bring a hush-hush feminine issue right into the open. The moisture-wicking technology controls odor by pulling the moisture away from the body; the fabric holds the moisture, ridding the uncomfortable and embarrassing dampness.

Does it actually work? Are these really magic panties?
HerRoom welcomes customer reviews of every single intimate we offer. Our community provides real, unedited reviews. Our reviewers provide their height, size and age to assist other customer in determining if an apparel product is right for them. Here are a few Knock Out reviews from our community:

  • Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they do exactly what they promise to do. They absorb wetness and odor miraculously! — Sweet Dream Momma from Charlotte, NC
  • This panty is simply gorgeous to wear and so comfortable. I am an avid exerciser and love taking these with me on long workouts. The wicking and odor absorbing action really works. Finally…cotton that performs! — Elizabeth from Vienna, VA
  • Knock-out panties really, really work. No need to wear panty liners! — Patricia

Reasons that I love Knock Out:

  1. Knock Out founder, Angela Newman, discovered a long-forgotten patented fabric that was designed for outdoorsy men and made it a success for women.
  2. The Knock Out panties are as beautiful and comfortable as they are useful. Graceful design was not sacrificed for the odor-fighting technology.
  3. I can go straight from a hot yoga class to run errands without worrying that I’ll be smelly and uncomfortable the rest of the day.

Have you tried Knock Out panties? What do you love most about them?

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