Pros & Cons: 3 Part Cup Bras

Jacqueline Wells

3 Part Cup Bras
These bras have 2 or more fabric pieces making up their cup design. By far, seamed cup bras are the most supportive bra style you can have.

Good style for:

  • Full breasts, pendulous breasts, heavy breasts.
  • Creating more traditional shaping for splayed breasts.

Not so good for:

  • Smaller cup sizes since the seaming that provides breast support is not really needed.

Hands down, the multi-part cup bra is the most supportive bra style made. It can also be the most attractive because all lace bras must have seaming in their cups in order for the lace to lay properly. The other advantage to a seamed cup bra is that it gives your breasts a beautiful shape and centers your breast tissue.

You can have a 2-part cup, a 3-part cup and even a 4-part cup. Most 3 and 4 part cups almost all have a vertical side panel on the outside of the cups. This vertical panel helps pull breast tissue out from under your arms and keeps it front and center, giving you a thinner and more youthful silhouette. If you are a D cup or larger, you should seriously look at multi-part cup bras. They will give you great support and a great flattering figure.

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