Top Drawer: The Tweeting Bra

Jacqueline Wells


Wearable technology is a hot topic these days and has gone way beyond the iPod or MP3 player. From shoes to bracelets, new inventions are coming out each day. The newest one? A tweeting bra.

Greek advertising agency OgilvyOne Athens has created a tweeting bra as part of a campaign sponsored by Nestle Fitness promoting breast cancer awareness.

I know, I know, it’s already November, but breast cancer awareness doesn’t stop just because it’s not October anymore.

The bra sends a tweet out every time it is unclasped, and is powered by a low-energy Bluetooth unit embedded into the straps. When the connection is broken the bra sends a tweet via the Twitter account @tweetingbra.

The tweets are only in Greek so far, but a translated version of one tweet reads, “Don’t forget to check your breasts women #tweetingbra.”

The purpose is to remind women to check their breasts and schedule possibly life-saving breast exams since self-examination identifies 40 percent of diagnosed breast cancers, although eight out of ten lumps found are not cancerous.

Although this bra seems a little over the top and gimmicky, my belief is that it’s always better to be safe than sorry!