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10 Breast Tips by Trinny & Susannah – My Take

The Oprah Winfrey Show enjoys finding personalities and having them run the show while Oprah sits on stage and listens.  The first was Dr. Phil.  Lately, it’s been Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, two English women with frank yet funny delivery who share what not to wear and how to accentuate your assets to full advantage. This pair recently announced that they are everyone’s bosom buddies and will help you find the support you need through their 10 Breast Tips.  So, here they are along with my take.

  1. Get Fitted. – This tip suggests you go to either a trusted friend or professional bra fitter and have yourself measured.  With the right size bra, you won’t have to constantly adjust your bra throughout the day.  My take on this tip is well, Duh!  They are simply stating the obvious.  Everyone says to go get yourself fitted.  You can’t walk into a lingerie store or department these days without being asked if you want a fitting. But I  think a woman should also perform her own analysis of her bra’s fit.  Does she like the way it looks?  Does it feel comfortable?  Simply read my section on symptoms and solutions to help you figure out your own correct bra size.  Remember, not all “professional bra fitters” are accurate or altruistic. For the most part, they are there to sell bras.  I think women are smart enough to figure out their bra size without bringing in reinforcements.  All that is needed is proper guidelines.

  2. Emphasize your Ribcage. – This duo feels your ribcage just below your breast is usually the thinnest area of a woman and should be accentuated.  I would agree with this tip, but in order to see it, your breasts have to be in the right location.  The fullest part of your breasts should be positioned midway between your shoulder and elbow. Once you have them in place, your clothing should be altered to better follow your body’s silhouette.  This will give you a slimmer look.

  3. If You’ve Got ’em Flaunt Them. – Tinny and Susannah believe you should not hide breasts, but rather show them off.  I strongly disagree with this statement.  Speak to any woman with size D and larger breasts and she will share with you a history of embarrasement from men (and women) always looking at her breasts.  Unless you want to attract attention, it is best to dress with an emphasis on de-emphasising your breasts.  A minimizer bra will help if you have that pesky front button pulling.  Necklines that draw attention up to your face and away from your breasts are also a good idea.

  4. Buy An Underwire Bra. – Susannah, who claims to be large chested, feels an underwire bra helps push your boobs forward and upward to reduce the risk of looking heavier that you really are.  Actually, an underwire will give your silhouette more definition that a softcup bra.  Softcup bras are kind of a crutch for many women who have been unable to find their correct size.  A soft cup bra is very forgiving and can fit even when it’s not exactly your size.  With an underwire bra, you really have to get your size right or you will be uncomfortable.  However, an underwire bra will give your breasts better shape and more definition.  When walking down a street, I can tell you which women are in underwires and which are in softcups.  It’s all about their breast shape.

  5. Boost Your Breasts, Uplift Your Look. – For small breasted women, Trinny recommends getting gel inserts to put in the bottom of your bra to lift your breasts.  I would agree that this was the answer a few years ago.  However, bra manufacturers today have come up with amazing bras with built-in pads called “bump pads.”  These pads  lift your breasts and some also have side pads that push your breasts together.  Rather than fooling around with gel pads that can move around, I would suggest investing in one of these newer bras to get the same look without the hassle.

  6. Wear Halter Tops With or Without a Bra….If You’re Small-Chested. – These Brits think the angular cut of a halter is attractive and shows off your shoulders and I agree. But by no means forego the bra.  Halters tend to gap when you lean forward and can show off your breasts to the person across the room.  Also, even if you are small chested, your breasts need some support or they’ll tend to sag. A halter, more than any other neckline will point this fact out.  I personally always wear a bra or at least a Nubra when I’m wearing a halter top.

  7. Don’t Wear The Same Bra For Years On End . –  I would agree with this tip.   Not only can your body change, but clothing styles change as well from year to year.  A new bra every year helps keep you current and gives you a fresh look with your new clothes.

Wondering were the last 3 tips are?  Well the site stopped after 7.  In closing, my response to all of this is that just because  talk shows declare someone an expert, you should not assume they truly are.  I have seen these women on several shows and they are very entertaining.  But bra fit is serious stuff to most women and, while fashion tips are always welcome,  sound advice only comes from an expert in the field. You can find extensive sizing and fitting advice in HerRoom’s fitting guide. Find bras at HerRoom in these departments: Bras


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