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Andrew Christian Visits Dallas

On April 12th,Andrew Christian arrived in Dallas for the weekend to make a couple special appearances.  First stop was the store Union Jack on Oaklawn.  The crowd was huge for his 2 hour appearance where he signed photos and underwear.  Later that night a fashion show of Andrew Christian underwear could be seen at a very popular bar and grill in Oaklawn called JR’s.  Again, the bar was packed as local models strutted and received cat calls. My buyer for HisRoom, Tom Johnson, was invited to dinner with Andrew.  It was a great opportunity to hear first hand what Andrew is doing, and his plans to grow the Andrew Christian line. Andrew has been designing for over ten years.  Though he designs sportswear underwear and swimsuits, his recent notoriety is with underwear.  Andrew attributes this recent success to a number of things including his episode on the TV show “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.”  This national recognition really catipulted his underwear brand.  As a result, his brand is receiving international attention, and he now is selling to accounts all over the world. One of the many special things about the Andrew Christian line is that all his products are made in the USA.  That’s right, he is one of the very few underwear lines that has all their products made in America. His operation is based in Los Angeles and he keeps a very lean team of just 15 employees. Tom was also impressed with Andrew’s thoughtful approach to his customer.  We’ve all heard of a metrosexual, but Andrew also spoke of a technosexual.  This is someone who is very interested in the technical aspects of a product.  For example, is the product made in organic cotton and not just cotton.  Does the fabric wick, what kind of microfiber is used etc.  This technosexual needs to know the specifics of a garment before he will purchase it. Andrew Christian underwear is atheletic inspired.  You will see lifeguard, nautical and sailor themes as well as coloring in his underwear.  It’s great classic underwear that fits well and is made in performance fabrics.  This is Andrew Christian’s winning combination.  We at are excited to be selling the Andrew Christian brand of underwear


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