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Full-Figure Q&A: Tips for DD+ Women

If you wear a DD cup size or larger and find yourself struggling to find full-figure bras that give you the style, support, and comfort you need, you’re not alone.

While being blessed with larger breasts has plenty of perks, it also comes with its own set of challenges. For instance, DD+ cup sized women often have a harder time finding bras, swimwear, and tops that fit them properly.

If you’re full-figured, you may feel as though certain bra styles won’t work for you. But you have more options than you think!

Below, I’ll answer three of the most frequently asked questions by DD+cup sized women.

What are the best bra styles for women with large cup sizes?

Depending on your personal preferences, your breast type, and what you’re wearing, there are many bra styles that will meet (and exceed) your DD+ needs.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

Unlined multi-part cup (or seamed cup) bra: If you want the most support and shaping (without the extra bulk of padding), try an unlined multi-part cup bra. This bra style features cups with several seams and three or more parts to create an uplifted, 3D look. Note: In general, the multi-part cup bra is the most supportive option for full-figured women with heavier breasts. 

Full-coverage bra:  Known for having cups that cover the entire breast, every full-figure woman should have at least one of these in her wardrobe. They usually come with thoughtful construction details such as padded straps, smoothing bands, and higher backs to smooth extra bulges.

T-shirt bra: An everyday favorite among women of all shapes and sizes, T-shirt bras give you modesty, a contoured, rounded shape, and a smooth look under close-fitting clothing.

You can find more DD+ bras in these HerRoom lookbooks: 

I have large breasts. Does that mean I can’t wear a bikini?

You can absolutely wear a bikini. So many women with larger breasts think they have to settle for high-coverage one-pieces and tankinis to get the modesty, support, and lift they need. But this simply isn’t the case. What you really need to look for is bra-sized swimwear.

At HerRoom, you can find hundreds of bikini swim tops in a variety of coverage levels that are highly popular among DD+ women. These styles have bra-like features such as underwires, padding, multi-part cups, supportive bands, and comfortable straps, so you can get the support your large breasts need and the cute bikini look you want. Plus, with the same sizing convention as a bra (band size and cup size), finding your right fit is a breeze!

Can I wear a strapless bra if I wear a DD cup or larger?

Yes! If you’re DD cup size or larger, it may be more difficult to find a strapless bra that stays up and supports you all day or night. Because when you wear a strapless bra you have to rely on the band only, it’s important to invest in a well-constructed style that fits you properly. The trick is to make sure the band is snug and that there are silicone or elastic gripper strips inside the band and the tops of the cups to keep it “stuck” to you and in place.


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