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Golden Globes 2014 Lingerie Patrol ™

The Golden Globes Awards show is one of my favorites–everyone is a little looser than at most shows–perhaps due to the food and drink involved.  Speaking of  “globes” and “looser,”  here’s my round-up of what I thought worked and what fell short, especially when it comes to necklines and décolletage. There were lots of strapless dresses and a variety of necklines, some of which worked and some didn’t.

Sofia Vergara & Jennifer Lawrence

Sofia Vergara, for instance, wore that sweetheart neckline beautifully and her breasts were well-supported.  She almost always wears the same silhouette and it’s always gorgeous. On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence’s neckline did her no favors. The straight neckline lacked definition and was too low, with no support for her breasts. It should have dipped, which would have prevented that roll of fat under her arms  The Dior gown became an instant internet meme, too. We saw lots of plunging, very plunging necklines, too. Amy Adams deep plunge was nicely done, although we saw more than we needed to. Margot Robbie, the new Hollywood darling after her role in The Wolf of Wall Street, did the plunge perfectly. The dress was beautifully tailored and showed just the right amount of skin.

Amy Adams & Margot Robbie

It was interesting to see 2 curvy women both in yellow, Lena Dunham and Melissa Rauch. Lena Dunham looked smushed, for want of a better word. The top of the dress was too small and the the wide-set center panel between the cups of the dress pushed her breast tissue up too high. Melissa Rauch’s ruched gown with sweetheart neckline was flattering and pretty.

Lena Dunham & Melissa Rauch

Sandra Bullock, who is usually spot-on, could have made a better choice. The darts on the Prabal Gurung gown created an awkward look, making it seem like she had nipple show-through.  Speaking of nipple show-through, with Robin Wright’s gown, we had a clear shot of  what was under the dress. The side-boob style revealed the pasty or tape underpinnings. She needed a lot more support and a bit more dress.

Sandra Bullock & Robin Wright

For me, two of the clear wardrobe winners were Emma Roberts and Cate Blanchett. Roberts, the new addition to American Horror Story: Coven (and niece of Julia Roberts) looked stunning, with a flattering modified sweetheart neckline and off-the-shoulder straps. Cate Blanchett was the definition  of elegance.

Emma Roberts & Cate Blanchett

The hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, did it just right–everything they wore was great-looking without screaming “look at me,” which let us concentrate on how entertaining they were.


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