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Great smelling lingerie

Here’s a twist.  Underwear that always smells freshly washed.  Huntsman Textiles has invented Invasan RCD, a finish added to fabric during its final processing.  The goal is to give your clothes a longer “just washed fragrance.” Here’s how it works. Derived from sugar (so it’s environmentally green), RCD’s small capsules bond to cotton during fabric processing.  The capsules get charged with the scent from your laundry detergent or fabric softener during the laundry process.  As you wear the garment throughout the day, your body heat and moisture release the scent from these capsules. The result is that you smell fresher longer. So here’s my question.  What happens if a smelly wet fish gets in contact with your RCD treated t-shirt?  Does the fish’s odor charge up inside these capsules and waft off you throughout the day? Can you ever get the odor out?  Sounds to me like a few more answers are needed before this Invasan RCD fabric process will gain mass appeal. Lingerie laundering info at HerRoom Bras Panties


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