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How Maidenform Designs a Bra

Thanks to National Geographic, we all now have a sneak peak into the very secret world of bra design. This clip from National Geographic’s documentary “Secret History of the Bra” below shows the steps Manufacturer Maidenform goes through in designing a bra for market. What’s particularly fascinating is the process of taking fabric and molding with heat a bra cup shape into it. Basically, this is how a molded bra is formed. I was delighted to see the care that was taken to careful measure the many aspects of the samples. And, it was encouraging to see that they also take the time to bring in several “fit” models. Not only do they fit to them, but actually ask them how the bra feels, and what they do and don’t like about it. This video is a real treat for us lingerie junkies. Maidenform video Here’s a link to Maidenform products.


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