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Lingerie Patrol™ Oscars Edition

All eyes were on the stars during the 2013 Academy Awards and it seemed most everyone was well aware of that fact. The result? Near perfection. I’m happy to report that there were only a few Lingerie laws broken and here are the top offenders.

Anne Hathaway had a big win, walking away with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress but that’s not all people were talking about. Did you notice Anne’s big areolas and nipples showing through her side-boob baring Prada gown? I get that her options were limited for bras but come on, she could have easily slapped on some nipple covers to help conceal her headlights. Anne’s breasts even inspired a humorous Twitter account, Anne Hathaway Nipples with thousands of followers! I’m sure she’d rather have the public and press focusing on her big win but her nipples were just too distracting. Oh, and she changed to this dress at the last minute from a Valentino.

Reese Witherspoon was stunning in her Louis Vuitton gown as a presenter. I just wish she had worn a strapless bra to give her a more supported look. Reese’s breasts looked a little droopy and sloppy for such a glamorous dress.

Finally, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans were surprised to see Brandi Glanville on the red carpet as a commentator. Brandi’s dress was her own creation and seemed to match her loud personality. Kudos to Brandi for skirting what would appear to be a set-up for a certain wardrobe malfunction. But then again, this dress design simply called out the fact that her breasts were not natural. Instead of looking classy, Brandi looked mostly racy and tacky at this year’s Oscars.

She should take a cue from Veteran Oscar-attendee, Jennifer Aniston who knows how to look tasteful and gorgeous in a strapless dress.


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