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Spotted: Superbowl Lingerie & Underwear

For those of you not interested in football, there was still plenty of reason to tune into Superbowl action last weekend: commericals and the half time show. This year, both featured products we carry at HerRoom and HisRoom. I was thrilled to see the very first Calvin Klein ad during the Superbowl – I’ve since seen in cabs and ad boards all over NYC.   The commercial introduced Calvin Klein’s new Concept collection – men’s underwear styles that feature 360 degrees of seamless construction. HisRoom offers the 3 underwear styles from this collection.  CK claims it’s the most comfortable fit yet.  And, the commercial also had high eye-candy appeal for the female demographic.

The guys got a little eye candy of their own during Beyonce’s highly anticipated performance during half time. But of course, I also keyed in on what they were wearing.   I spied Beyonce’s back up dancers wearing these Pretty Polly tights. A great company for leg fashion, Pretty Polly is way out in front in terms of new and innovative hosiery.  Their Secret Over The Knee Sock Tights gave a great fashion statement to Beyonce and her entourage.


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