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The 2019 HerRoom Undie Awards™ Winners

Every year, we ask our customers at HerRoom and HisRoom to vote for their favorite underwear styles. My team and I were thrilled to get so many thoughtful responses from all of you!

2019 HerRoom Undie Awards Winners


T-Shirt Bra Category

2. Favorite T-Shirt Bra (Full Figure) 

3. Favorite T-Shirt Bra (Average)

4. Buyer Select T-Shirt Bra (Full Figure) 

5. Buyer Select T-Shirt Bra (Average)

Underwire Bra Category

6. Favorite Underwire Bra (Full Figure)

7. Favorite Underwire Bra (Average)

8. Buyer Select Underwire Bra (Full Figure)

9. Buyer Select Underwire Bra (Average)

Sports Bra Category

10. Favorite Sports Bra (Full Figure)

11. Favorite Sports Bra (Average)

12. Buyer Select Sports Bra (Full Figure)

13. Buyer Select Sports Bra (Average)

Strapless Bra Category

14. Favorite Strapless Bra (Full Figure)

15. Favorite Strapless Bra (Average)

16. Buyer Select Strapless Bra (Full Figure)

17. Buyer Select Strapless Bra (Average)

Push-Up Bra Category

18. Favorite Push-Up Bra

19. Buyer Select Push-Up Bra

Bralette Category

20. Favorite Bralette (Full Figure)

21. Favorite Bralette (Average)

22. Buyer Select Bralette (Full Figure)

23. Buyer Select Bralette (Average)

Minimizer Bra Category

24. Favorite Minimizer Bra

25. Buyer Select Minimizer Bra

Racerback Bra Category

26. Favorite Racerback Bra (Full Figure)

27. Favorite Racerback Bra (Average)

28. Buyer Select Racerback Bra (Full Figure)

29. Buyer Select Racerback Bra (Average)


Brief Category

31. Favorite Brief

32. Buyer Select Brief

Bikini Category

33. Favorite Bikini

34. Buyer Select Bikini

Thong Category

35. Favorite Thong

36. Buyer Select Thong

Boy Short Category

37. Favorite Boy Short

38. Buyer Select Boy Short

Shapewear Category

39. Favorite Shapewear

40. Buyer Select Shapewear

Find a better fit, 



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