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The Queen's Queen of Bras Retires

Many in the lingerie business are familiar with the name June Kenton.  Since 1960,  Ms. Kenton has been the official bra-maker/bra-fitter to Queen Elizabeth II, working out of her Rigby & Peller lingerie boutique in London. This month, Ms. Kenton announced her retirement.  And with that, she revealed a rather interesting point-of-view–it seems that she was extremely nervous the first time: “Can you imagine what it was like? Most people first meet the Queen when she’s wearing an evening dress, but not me!” Ms. Kenton has also fitted such notable women as Margaret Thatcher, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lady Gaga.  And Susan Nethero, the self-proclaimed “Bra Whisperer,” claims on her resume to have spent time with Ms. Kenton learning how to fit bras. Congratulations to Ms. Kenton.  Your years of bra fitting have helped to uplift some of the most important women in recent history. Check out HerRoom’s bra-fitting guide–you don’t have to be a queen to have a perfect fit! Follow HerRoom on Twitter for daily tips.


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