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Valentine's Day Lingerie: What Do Men Really Like?

Valentine’s Day is like a little piece of spicy candy in the middle of the winter blahs. It’s a great opportunity to liven up a lingerie wardrobe (and a romance). Over the years, I’ve noticed trends in what women buy around this time of year and in what men buy for their women. We’ve also conducted a very informal survey of the men we know and, via the internet, men we don’t know, to see how they feel about sexy lingerie and what turns them on. So, if you’re planning to buy yourself a sexy something, here’s a little guidance.

Some men love sexy lingerie on a woman and some men simply don’t care. Browsing the Reddit conversations about it, I’d say men are divided about half and half on the subject. But those who do love lingerie have pretty strong opinions. For example, men seem to love thigh-highs and garter belts. Whether fishnets or black seamed stockings, there’s something about these items that can really raise the temperature. Maybe it’s a genetic memory of the pin-up girls of the 40’s, maybe it’s the thought that lingerie like this speaks to a certain intention on your part. Whatever it is, it’s hot. Bonus points for sexy little boyshorts and, definitely, high heels. Forgo the frilly pink ribbons and bows. Some men find that look too girlish and overwhelmingly prefer black. Black is sexy without looking like you’re trying too hard. Keep color simple; your body is the focal point here.

If you’d like to keep it to one or two simple pieces, but really want to wow him, try a shelf bra. This sexy style has underwires but scant or no cups, leaving the girls almost completely exposed. He won’t be expecting that under your work day cotton button-down. This style is best on women with smaller breasts. Choose pieces that really fit your size and shape. As tempting as that delicate little bralette is, if you’re a DD+, you’ll be either really uncomfortable or spilling out, and not in a good way. Besides, there are lots of pieces that are flattering, sexy and comfortable. For example, men seem to love chemises, teddys and babydolls. There’s something about the combination of being both covered and accessible, with promises of thing to come, that men seem to find irresistible. Pair one of those with a thong or bikini to add some more mystery.

Men, as a rule, are pretty visual and one analogy I saw over and over was lingerie as the beautiful wrapping paper on a terrific gift. Your partner will also appreciate the element of surprise and mystery and the fact that you’ve worn this sexy outfit just for him. And bring the attitude to go with the outfit. As one Redditor commented, “that lingerie is a type of costume. You’ve got to actually work the lingerie, give it some personality. Just showing up in pretty underwear is nice, but bring the character with it.” And what’s the most important thing you can wear? Men seem to be unanimous on this one: self-confidence. All the fishnet and lace in the world won’t matter at all if you’re not feeling it on the inside. The biggest turn-on? A woman who’s comfortable with her own body and clearly interested in what’s coming next. So, on Valentine’s Day, by all means go for the sexy thigh-highs, the push-up bra or whatever makes you look and feel your best. But whatever you select, wear it like you mean it!


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