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Victoria's Secret V-string – It's really a Crotchless Panty.

I read recently that a 52 year old woman here in the United States is suing Victoria’s Secret.  The reason? While trying to put on one of their V-strings, some decorative metal item popped off and ended up giving her corneal trauma.  Her name is Macrida Patterson, she’s a Los Angeles Traffic Officer, and she’s wanting unspecified monetary damages. Now, I consider myself a bit of an authority on lingerie, and I had never heard of a V-string.  So, this article piqued my curiosity more from a technical perspective.  What on earth was this garment she was trying to put on? I found my answer when searching on Victoria’s Secret’s website.  a V-string is just is just their clever new name for a crotchless panty.  Or, to be more specific, it’s a split crotch panty – most crotchless underwear on the market today is in reality a skimpy panty with a vertical slit going down the center from the front to back.  Though all but one style has now been taken off their site, I find it interesting that Victoria’s Secret has the little secret of selling rather erotic lingerie, and soft pedals it by calling it something else. Given their primary customer is in her teens and 20’s, exposing this fact in Officer Patterson’s lawsuit might just cause VS to rethink their marketing strategy. Find lingerie at HerRoom in these departments: Sexy Lingerie Panties


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