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Who’s Buying the Pants in the Family?

David Beckham was “caught” in his underwear recently in L.A. by a bus of tourists. Why? He was in the middle of a photo shoot for his H&M underwear brand. Beckham and other hotties of late have been posing in their skivvies such as Justin Beiber and Thom Evans.

Actually, it’s a nice change of pace to see men objectified while wearing underwear. And even nicer to learn that roughly 2/3rds of men’s underwear is selected and purchased by women.

That’s right. Moms, girlfriends, wives and maybe even sisters are making men’s underwear decisions for the men in their lives – according to UK’s Daily Mail online newspaper.

Even better, women are giving their men an underwear overhaul. Gone are those awful tightie-whities with the shield-like crotch cover that always bags and look half-open most the time. And, gone is white. In its place, women are selecting trunk style underwear in a variety of colors and with a great contrasting waistband.

Also trending up in men’s underwear is the new fabric technology called “stay-fresh” which prevents odor.

Ladies. IF you’re buying underwear for the guy in your life, know that you’re not alone. For the women not… maybe you should! And, with Christmas coming along with all our HisRoom sales at 25% off right now, it’s a perfect time!

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