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Why Bras Are Like Shoes

Having helped women with bras now for more than nine years, I have discovered that bras and shoes have a lot in common. Comfort – For everyday wear, bras and shoes must be comfortable. At the end of the day, if you can’t wait to take either of them off, you know they will never be your favorite. Now, you’ll wear a pair of shoes or a bra even if it’s not comfortable as long as it’s fabulous and shows off your outfit to best advantage. Prefer certain brands – You pretty much know which shoe brands fit you the best and are the most comfortable for your feet. Well, the same holds true for lingerie brands. When you find lingerie brands you like, you should go to them first when looking for a specific style like a strapless or racerback. This is because, like shoe manufacturers, a lingerie manufacturer will use the same molds and patterns year after year. They know they fit a certain customer well and don’t want to lose them by changing the fit. Don’t know until you wear it for a while – You can try it on in a store and wear it for a little while, but you never know if your bra or shoes are going to be comfortable until you actually wear them for a day. This is why we all have shoes and bras we rarely wear sitting in our closet and drawers. Sizing is predetermined – but you don’t always buy your same size. When trying on shoes, you go up or down a size based on the fit. The same is true with bras. You try on your size, but you adjust the cup or band size to hone in on your best fit. Also, if the shoe or bra doesn’t come in your exact size, you will consider getting another size simply because you love the item so much. Design and shape matter – With bras and shoes, their design and the way they look matter. With shoes you know that strap will hit your baby toe and hurt, the arch support isn’t high enough, or the heel is too high. With bras the straps aren’t wide enough, the underwires aren’t short enough, or the center panel is too high. Price matters – The better the shoe, the higher the price. The better the bra, the higher the price. This is simple economics. The best quality product cost more. You also get a better product if you’re willing to spend more money, and it will last longer. In shoes as well as lingerie, you really do get what you pay for.


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