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200 Year-Old Push-Up Bra Recently Found

The Science Museum in London was doing a little spring cleaning when it came across an article of clothing it didn’t know it had – a lacy push-up bra. As the photo shows, it was a strapless bra with a very pretty piece of lace sewn in the center to peek out the top of a low front dress.  This lace placement has appeared in the last few years on many bras including Wacoal and Chantelle. Historically, it has always been thought that the bra as we know it today didn’t really exist until the 1920’s.  This discovery proves otherwise.  The bra features pads placed along the bottom of the cups to give the bustline a lift much like the 1990’s Wonderbra.  Knowing that the Wonderbra has several patents tied to it, the inventor in me wonders if this discovery will now make those patents invalid? Find much much newer bras at HerRoom in these departments: Bras Follow HerRoom on Twitter for daily tips.


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