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A Man's Guide to Buying Lingerie

Guys–we understand. You’d love to buy her something sexy and luxurious, but walking into a lingerie shop is right up there with getting a cavity drilled or singing “Feelings” at a karaoke party. Even a phone order is hard–how do you explain over the phone (without the use of hands) what size bra you think she wears? So, here’s the drill. It’s a a lot easier if you know her sizes. If you don’t, take a look in her lingerie drawer and check the label on a bra–the size should be right there–34B, 38DD, something like that. Panties are in sizes usually from XS through XXL. Sometimes they’re numerical, ranging from about 5-10. You might also take a peek at brand names– especially on items she wears all the time. If you see 3 Wacoal bras, for example, you can be pretty sure that’s a brand she loves.

Now you’ve got the critical info–what to buy? Well, if you see quite a few of the same brand, you can take it up a notch and choose a luxury item in that brand. For instance, if she buys herself mid-range Chantelle bras like this  everyday t-shirt bra, why not go all out and buy her this stunning, lacy confection from Chantelle? Or, how about buying her something you know she won’t buy for herself? We all hear that thongs are the most comfortable panties ever–but some women won’t even try them. Let her try them out on your dime. She might especially like Hanky Panky’s Signature Lace Thong, which comes in an array of pretty exciting colors. Better yet, it’s one size fits most, so you can hardly go wrong. If you absolutely can’t find her sizes, you’ve got a few choices: guess and hope for the best, ask her outright, or buy something not quite as dependent on fit, like a silk nightgown, or slinky robe. Luckily, we’ve got some suggestions here too. This satiny Mystique gown will make any woman feel gorgeous and the movie-star caliber chiffon robe is icing on the cake. If she’s more of an all-cotton woman, Hanro makes the softest, sleekest cotton sleepwear imaginable, like this Hanro Cotton Deluxe button-front gown. Of course you’d like something you want to see her in, but if it’s too gimmicky or plain uncomfortable she’ll wear it for you, but it won’t leave the drawer more than a few times a year. The key is to choose something that’ll let her know you think she’s special but will also be comfortable. Many women are so hung up about body image that they don’t realize that, to the men who love them, they are hot, hot, hot. So if you bought her a blender last year, this is the time to go all out and show her how she looks in your eyes. Find gift ideas for lingerie at HerRoom in these departments: Bras Thongs Sleepwear Sexy Lingerie


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