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Decoding Your Universal Cup Size

Finding your right bra size can be a challenge…

especially if you’re a DD cup or larger. 

If you are larger than a DD cup, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t always find your right fit across different brands. You might think it’s because the manufacturer has some strange sizing system or that your size is simply not available.

This is bound to make you feel like your options are limited; as if you can’t have the same beautiful bras other smaller and average-sized women can. As a result, bra shopping feels like a chore that leads to frustration and discouragement.

The good news? You’re not alone!

This phenomenon is common throughout the worldwide bra industry – and here’s why.All bra manufacturers have standardized cup sizing for AA, A, B, C and D cups – so, for example, all D cup sizes should fit the same breast volume. But once you get beyond a single D, different manufacturers begin to use different letters for the same cup volume.

That means your cup size is probably available – but unless you know all the letters your cup size can be called and what country your manufacturer is from, you can very easily purchase the wrong size bra. For example, a 34DDD can be called a 34E in one bra brand and a 34F in another. All three of these sizes have the same cup volume, yet their cups are defined by different letters. So, how are you to know what cup size is right for you across the board? I’ve made it simple!

The Universal Cup Sizing™ System

I’ve found a way to solve the DD+ cup sizing problem once and for all. The HerRoom-exclusive

Universal Cup Sizing System helps decode your correct bra size in every brand we offer. You can find your Universal Cup Size (UCS®) in every bra size dropdown just to the right of any size with a D cup or larger.

This patented sizing system assigns D1 to a D cup, D2 to the next cup size up (for example, a DD cup), and so on. All you have to do is increase the D factor by the number of cup sizes larger than a D cup you are.

Finding Your Universal Cup Size (UCS)

To determine your UCS, all you need is your best-fitting current bra. Simply enter its size and the name of the manufacturer in the form on this page and we’ll instantly tell you your UCS. Once you know your UCS, you can simply ignore the various cup size letters and go straight to the cup size that matches your UCS to get your correct bra size.

With the Universal Cup Sizing System, the confusion and mayhem of guessing or selecting a wrong cup size in different bra brands is a thing of the past. Now, you can feel more confident about choosing the right bra size that will fit you – even when shopping online!

Find a better fit, 



The right bra can change the way you feel about everything. Find the right style and fit in just a few minutes with our exclusive Bra Fit Quiz.

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