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Lingerie Laws Broken at the Oscars

Cleavage wasn’t the scene stealer at this year’s Academy Awards but it certainly made an appearance. Jennifer Lopez was a top contender, showcasing maximum cleavage in a deep plunge gown but as she presented on stage, it seemed her breasts were on the verge of a nip slip. It’s a price you pay for such a daring fashion.

But with a little help from fashion tape, it can be pulled off without a wardrobe malfunction. In fact, it was mentioned during the broadcast that Lopez was already back stage “preparing” for her later appearance. She was probably flanked by stylists and being taped in place to prevent any possible mishap.

Viola Davis also chose a low cut style but her cleavage wasn’t as flattering. It looks like the Best Actress nominee went bra-less – not the best choice for her. You can see she doesn’t have enough upper breast fullness, and without support – her breasts are spreading under her arms.

A simple solution – she should have worn a demi strapless bra to give her a plunging yet rounded and full look without sacrificing support.

Gwyneth Paltrow wowed in a gorgeous Tom Ford gown but her bra-less look didn’t deliver modesty. Her look would have been flawless with an easy fix – nipple covers, to keep the focus on her overall style instead of her headlights.

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